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Great Article about Preparing for Winter!

Great article to share with you about projects to consider doing to get ready for winter. We would add making sure your outdoor furniture is protected by either relocating in a garage or shed, or by covering with tarp.

DIY Projects –

Today I conquered the dishwasher!  The battle was not heated, but it was fought across territory that was very unfamiliar to me.  The fact that I prevailed has surprised me.  The best weapon?  My iPhone.  I was able to take photos of the parts all spread out so that I

DIY DIshwasher cleanout

could check that I had nothing left outside the dishwasher when I thought I had it all back together (surely, someone besides me has had the experience of getting something back together only to find a screw that ought to be attached to something inside whatever you just reassembled?)

Let me share with you that I am a convert to doing routine maintenance on the dishwasher.  Our dishwasher is 7 years old, and I had never before done what I did today. I became aware of the process of cleaning out the dishwasher because the dishes on the bottom rack were routinely coming out of the dishwasher with more debris on them that what they had when they were put in before the wash cycle.  A little research on the web, and I found www.appliancerepair.net/dishwasher-repair.html.  A deep breath, and I was off and running to find the right screwdriver to take on this project.

The disassembly was amazingly quick – I had all the parts removed in less than 10 minutes.  What took a really long time was cleaning the gunk off all those parts!  I spent almost an hour cleaning!  Calcium had built up just about everywhere, and where it wasn’t there were other strange substances: 2 toothpicks, one square plastic clip that comes on loaves of bread, a few strands of alfalfa, 3 or 4 popcorn kernels, and one small plastic tip that had broken off a removable basket from the dishwasher.  No wonder there was water standing in the bottom most of the time after the dishwasher had been run!

Reassembly was almost as fast as taking things apart – about 15 minutes – mostly due to my trying to install one piece too soon and having to take it back out when I realized things were out of order.

I have now run the dishwasher for its inaugural load, and I can honestly say that the volume of noise is significantly reduced, and everything on the bottom rack came out clean!

So, how does this apply to artisan stickwork furniture made from natural materials?  Good question!  It really does.  Stickwork furniture, although fairly rustic and tough stuff in the furniture realm, can still benefit from some routine maintenance, especially if it is being used as outdoor furniture.  Covering furniture for the winter months with a tarp, or relocating to a protected garage or covered patio area is optimum.  Additionally, we like to tell people that a coat or two of Helmsmans Spar Urethane is a great way to give stickwork furniture the advantage in all weather and in all climates.