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Outdoor Fall Project: Pathways

Pathways are a great way to lead people into your garden area.  There are a lot of great ideas and materials available to designing and creating unique pathways that will fit your style as well as your budget!

Fall is a great time of year to get the ball rolling on this kind of project.  Often the weather is cooler, and there are fewer yard work demands on our time.  Another benefit: we have just spent the summer thinking of changes we would like to make, so the thoughts are fresh.

This is a great article from Houzz.com that can ‘walk’ you through some new ideas: Designing Garden Paths

Garden Gates

Garden gates speak to something in many people.  I don’t know whether it is the natural materials that bring a sense of peace from nature to mind, or if it is  the enticement to join nature in growing things.

What I do know to be true is that many people love garden gates.  When we started using Pinterest, I

Hand Hewn Garden Gate
Hand Hewn Garden Gate

pinned several of our artisan stickwork gates.  One of our pinned gates, a Rustic Hand-Hewn gate, now stands with over 427 re-pins and our Rustic Stickwork gate has over 410!.  That is just amazing to me!  Until all these pins, I had no idea that people were so crazy for gates!

Rustic Stickwork Garden Gate
Rustic Stickwork Garden Gate

I think one of the things so many people like about the visual aspect of a garden gate is that they are just so inviting.  They draw your

Stickwork Arbor entering garden with gate
Stickwork Arbor entering garden with gate


attention to a world of lush garden foliage, creative pathways, and scents. Or they appeal to the imagination to fill in what could be.

Large gates protect our fruit trees and gardens, smaller gates usually help keep small critters (or children) from venturing in to areas where safety would be at issue.

How do you use gates?

Let’s get ready to Garden!

I love gardening! Growing flowers, vegetables, fruit trees, plants – you name it, I love to grow it. I can spend hours drooling over seed catalogs and more time reviewing seed packets at the store. I have already started some seeds, and am really ready to get more going. Spring is here and I am ready to dig in the dirt!

IMG_3813Growing flowers in pots is one of my favorite summer-time routines. Around the deck, on the front porch, and hanging baskets. Jeff has handcrafted several stickwork plant stands and Baker’s racks over the years, all of which have supported my flower habit! These pieces are ideal for displaying potted plants anywhere and everywhere.

This year I am starting a clematis plant to grow on the stickwork arbor at the entrance to our walkway. Arbors are such a great way to add a new dimension to a walkway or entry, or a focal point for a garden. Even without a climbing vine the natural materials are pleasing to the eye!

Arbor-#2I am excited to use a couple of stickwork garden towers in my vegetable garden this year. They are made of Locust branches, and they are super sturdy! Cucumbers will be taking up residence on these!

Garden Tower
Garden Tower

Where have you used unique pieces in your garden?

Treasury Break

Just a little break in the day to share that our Garden Bench was featured in this Treasury on etsy.com.  Enjoy!

‘For The Garden’ by thesugartoothdragon

Wonderful items that I would love in my garden!

Self-watering Violet Planter…


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Winged Lion Stone Sculpture …


Geometric Hanging Porcelain …


Cat Chat Noir Black Cat Yard…


Gazing Ball, Garden Art. Pre…


Cottage Garden Mason Jar Sha…


Purple Dragon Flamingo garde…


Metal Daisy Garden Sculpture


24″ Garden Art Metal Sp…


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Celtic Knot Art, Garden Ston…


Stone Flowers Garden Art …


15 Petal Steel Flower for Ga…


Garden Bench


Dragon Garden Statue – BIG S…


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