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Talented Friends! Meet Juli Parsons

There are a lot of amazingly talented people out there! We enjoy having so many talented friends, we thought we would share them with you! This time, we are sharing our friend Juli Parsons of Lasercraft Enterprises.

Juli started working with glass 25 years ago, when all the windows of her new home were kicked out by the previous tenant. With all the broken imperfection glass she felt she could redeem the damage if she learned to create something from the pieces. Already being a painter, she certainly had the artistic talent to take on glass. Within 6 months after taking a class on glass, she found that people were wanting to buy the barrettes right off her daughters’ heads, and had her work in 12 countries.

When she is creating a new piece, her inspiration often comes from the experiences God brings into her day. She prays for each piece as she makes it, knowing that the eventual owner will benefit from her prayers. One of Juli’s favorite items to make is kaleidescopes. Fascinated with them as a child, she found her way to making them as a glass artist.

We especially like the pieces Juli has made that include sea shells – what an awesome and unique idea!

To look over a gallery of Juli’s artwork, you cannot escape the obvious that she loves Celtic themes : Celtic crosses, Celtic knots, and Claddaghs abound in her shop!

Juli’s artwork can be found on five continents: North America, South America, Australia, Europe and Asia. It doesn’t surprise us a bit that her art is appreciated so far and wide! You can contact Juli through her Facebook fan page, You can check out her Facebook fan page here:

Here’s a little gallery of Juli’s glass artwork for you to enjoy!

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