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Caring for Rustic and Reclaimed Furniture

We are often asked the best way to care for rustic and reclaimed furniture as well as stick work and driftwood furnishings.  LittleBranch Farms in Tennessee has put together a little primer published by with great tips to help you keep your treasures looking their best for many years to come!

Caring for Rustic and Reclaimed Furniture

Inspired by the Adirondacks

It is probably pretty clear to anyone taking a look at our furniture pieces that we love the Adirondack-style of furniture.  Rustic, yet with refinements.  Cozy, but not too soft.  Natural, yet with a clear design.

This article has some beautiful pictures of Adirondack-style furniture and furnishings.  Take a close look at the stair railing!

An Adirondack-Inspired Guest Suite

Room of the Day: Front Porch

One amazing space in many homes today that is under-utilized is the front porch.  There was a time in history when the front porch was part of the social fabric of a family.  In today’s world, many homes have front porches, but the families in those homes often use the back yard exclusively for both personal and entertaining uses.

This article describes a family who wanted to connect more with their neighbors by returning to the idea of the neighborly front porch. It’s a very clever idea for making a socially-oriented space. We often use our outdoor furniture in the front yard as a simple way to connect with our country neighbors as they happen by in the summer months. It is amazing how people will stop and chat when we are lounging in the front yard!

Fireside Chats on a Front Porch



Decorating With Nature in Fall and Winter

Who among us is really ready for summer to end? Not many of us, I am sure. However, as much as we might love fall and winter, it is the absence of the things of nature that we miss so dearly. One way we can continue to enjoy nature in the colder months is to bring a little of it indoors. Enjoying furniture and home decor handcrafted from natural materials inside your home is a creative way to extend the feeling of the warmer months.

This article from highlights some great ideas of how to keep a bit of nature, and in some instances a touch of summer, in our homes through Fall and Winter.

Decorating With Nature in Fall and Winter