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Life has convinced me that there are two distinct groups of people in the world: those who love leftover and those who avoid leftovers – and the same person can switch clubs depending on the category of leftovers.  Jeff loves dinner leftovers.  They are his lunch of choice just about any day (good boy!).  I am not usually thrilled to see leftovers – I need a good 24 hours or more before they generally appeal to me.

Leftovers in the shop are an entirely different story for me.  With the first wave of furniture emerging from the shop, it never occurred to me that there could be leftovers.  I was neck-deep in creating a Facebook page, building a shop on, designing business cards, gathering dates for Farmer’s Markets and Arts and Crafts shows, completing entries and submitting photos to be juried in shows, and, oh, yes, testing out the comfort level of the seats being produced in the shop.  I was a busy girl.  I have to admit that with all the computer/office assignments, my time in the shop was limited.

Then one day I walked in and stayed a while, and noticed the pile of ‘scraps’.  Being a crafter from way back, seeing that pile just made the creative juices flow.  “Surely something could be created from those leftovers!”   Not long after that, the “Make a Million Coasters Day” was launched.  OK, there were not really a million coasters that day – probably more in the neighborhood of 60, but that just doesn’t have the same “pop” to it.

Made of Rocky Mountain Maple, Aspen and Juniper, these little coaster sets have been a very popular item, and a great way to use up those leftovers!